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Our unscented balm is soft, sleek, and simple with a hint of shea butter. This gentle balm is perfect for those who prefer a posh beard style sans parfum.


Intentionally crafted with simple ingredients to fight dry skin, dandruff, and pesky ingrown hairs, all of our balms promote a softer and fuller beard. Formulated in a medium consistency, they provide just the right amount of hold to maintain your bomb beard style.

Unscented Beard Balm

  • Key ingredients: organic beeswax, unrefined organic mango butter, unrefined organic shea butter, organic cold-pressed Jamaican castor oil, and organic tea tree oil.

    Store this balm tin in a cool and dry place away from heat.

    Please note this item may come in a silver or black matte tin.

    Not for human or animal consumption.

    Not for human or animal consumption.

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