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Who let the paws out?! Our organic "Paw Bawm" was purposefully crafted to comfort and protect your furry friends. Our paw balm is safe for cats and dogs. Our moisturizing and water-resistant formula protects your pet’s paws in extreme weather conditions (think snow and hot asphalt). It’s also great for year-round use, moisturizing cracked paws, elbows, and snouts. It even helps heal small external wounds, combats excessive paw licking, and repels critters from hitching a ride in your pet’s paws. 


Our "Paw Bawm" is specially formulated with vitamin-rich ingredients including organic calendula, goldenseal root extract, aloe vera, and cedarwood oil to keep your pet’s paws in top form!

Pet Paw Bawm

  • This balm is exclusively available in a 2 oz. tin.

    Key ingredients: organic beeswax, unrefined butters (mango, and shea), cold-pressed oils (coconut, jojoba, goldenseal, calendula, and cedarwood), aloe vera, and lanolin.  Zero synthetic fragrance added. 

    Store this balm tin in a cool and dry place away from heat. 

    Not for human or animal consumption.

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