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Mother Nature’s chill pill, lepidolite, is the perfect crystal to help foster inner peace. Abundant in lithium, a natural mood stabilizer, lepidolite is known to help balance emotions, reduce anxiety, and curb depression. Use this Lepidolite Crystal Chakra Candle meditatively to get in touch with your heart, crown, and third eye chakras and release energy blockages. While you bask in its warm glow, enjoy a rustic floral scent with notes of vetiver, chamomile, cedar, and lavender. 

Lepidolite Crystal Chakra Candle

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  • Each Chakra Manifestation Candle has had its crystals cleansed and charged by way of clear quartz crystals, a new moon cycle, and prayer.

    With their gently emanating scents, our candles are perfect for small-medium-sized rooms and will produce 30 hours of clean burn time.

    Not for human or animal consumption.

    Each candle vessel is 12 oz and double wicked.

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