Like sweet morning dew, green aventurine is a breath of fresh air. This crystal is the universe’s natural lottery ticket bringing forth abundance and optimism, and inspiring confidence to take on new opportunities. Green aventurine’s physical healing properties include anti-inflammatory effects and nervous system support. This stone is a faithful servant of the heart chakra and is ideal for people who are looking to boost fortune, fertility, and friendship. This Green Aventurine Crystal Chakra Candle emanates an aroma of mint, palo santo, and eucalyptus that will energize and inspire you to seek your next adventure.


Green Aventurine Chakra Crystal Candle

  • Each Crystal Chakra Candle has had its crystals cleansed and charged by way of clear quartz crystals, a new moon cycle, and prayer.

    With their gently emanating scents, our candles are perfect for small rooms and will produce 30 hours of clean burn time.

    Not for human or animal consumption.

    Each candle jar is 8 oz.