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Our Cocoa Loco Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinses are the perfect equalizer to your hair regimen! The ACV acts as a balancing agent to restore your scalp’s pH level and soften your hair. It also removes buildup from excessive hair product, bacteria, yeast, and fungus — allowing you to deep clean your scalp and hair. 


This rinse packs a pungent punch which quickly dissipates upon rinsing thoroughly! 

Available in 3 different essential oil blends to pair with our Rose Musk, Citrus Sage, and Rosemary Mint hair bars, our ACV hair rinse was created as step 2 to our hair tools. To maximize your new hair routine, precede with Step 1: Cocoa Loco Shampoo Bar and follow up with Step 3: Cocoa Loco Conditioner Bar.

Cocoa Loco Organic ACV Hair Rinse

  • Step 2: Cocoa Loco Organic ACV Hair Rinse- Use the ACV rinse to restore your hair's pH balance after using shampoo.

    Make sure all of the shampoo product is rinsed out before applying. Apply the ACV rinse starting at the scalp and ending at the tip of your hair, and massage thoroughly. Please note the pungent scent will disappear once you rinse the ACV out completely. Please note, a little goes a long way.

    For best results, use 1-2 x a week and precede with the Cocoa Loco Shampoo Bar and follow up with step 3, the Cocoa Loco Organic Conditioner Bar.

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