It’s happy hour and howlite is on tap! This crystal’s powerful metaphysic properties are bound to keep your glass half full by augmenting your positive emotional vibrations and energy levels. Howlite works overtime with the heart and root chakras to heal unresolved anger and disruptive mood swings. This stone absorbs negative emotional energy and replaces it with gentle calming energy to soothe your mind, heart, and soul. This Howlite Crystal Chakra Candle is great for those who deal with emotional imbalance. Formulated with ginger amber, orange citrus, rustic oak, and sage essential oil, this candle can help reduce insomnia, improve memory, and open channels for healthy emotional expression.

Howlite Crystal Chakra Candle

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  • Each Crystal Chakra Candle has had its crystals cleansed and charged by way of clear quartz crystals, a new moon cycle, and prayer.

    With their gently emanating scents, our candles are perfect for small rooms and will produce 30 hours of clean burn time.

    Not for human or animal consumption.

    Each candle jar is 8 oz.