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Lather up in our creamy organic beeswax body balm. This gentle moisturizer is soft, sweet, and milky, infused with the soothing properties of chamomile. Adding organic cold-pressed tea tree oil soothes skin, evens complexion, and provides antibacterial protection. Our Bee’s Knees Body Balm provides the ultimate protective barrier to chapped, dry skin as sweater weather approaches. Suitable for all skin types and specially crafted for those struggling with eczema, scarring, itchiness, bug bites, allergies, and tough, dry skin.

Bee's Knees Body Balm

  • Key ingredients: Organic beeswax, unrefined mango butter, organic shea nut oil, organic chamomile essential oil, organic tea tree oil, and fragrance.

    Each pot holds 3.4 oz of body balm.

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