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We’re loco for cocoa! Introducing our organic conditioner bars to take your hair routine to the next level! Made with unrefined raw organic cocoa butter, these conditioner bars repair damaged and dry hair by locking in moisture and strengthening hair. What’s more, cocoa butter balances hair oil production thereby reducing dandruff. Paired with our Cocoa Loco Shampoo bar and organic ACV hair rinse, these bars will optimize hair health and shine.


Our Rosemary Mint Organic Conditioner bar is the latest tool to perfect your hair regimen. Packed with unrefined cocoa butter, rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint essential oils, our rosemary mint conditioner bar fosters hair growth while giving off an invigorating cocoa mint scent.


A little of this lather-free bar will go a long way to help condition and soften your hair. Suitable for all hair types, it’s also safe for colored-treated hair and scalps in need of extra TLC.

Cocoa Loco Organic Rosemary Mint Conditioner Bar

  • Seal the deal with Step 3: our Cocoa Loco organic conditioner bar to soften and moisturize your gorgeous tresses.

    Use this conditioner bar to hydrate your hair. Make sure your hair is washed properly before applying. Please note a little goes a long way and this bar will not create a lather. Wet the bar in your hands to create what feels like a light buttery paste, and massage it in your hair starting at the tip and ending at the root of your hair (avoid applying at the scalp). Leave the conditioner on for 2 minutes or longer for a deep conditioner treatment, and rinse thoroughly. If your hair feels heavy, you've used a little too much and you're able to rinse it out with the ACV rinse. 

    This conditioner bar is Step 3 in a specially formulated 3-step hair care routine. To fully gain the benefits of our organic hair care regimen, we strongly encourage you to use the Cocoa Loco Organic Shampoo Bar as step 1 followed by the Cocoa Loco Organic ACV Hair Rinse as step 2, before using the Cocoa Loco Organic Conditioner Bar.

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