The Quartz Chakra Candle illuminates the possibilities of the universe with the power of quartz, one of the most energy-boosting stones on this Earth.  The quartz crystal in this candle deeply impacts the heart and crown chakra allowing us to tap into a deeper state of consciousness and attract positive energy. The frankincense and myrrh essential oils amplify quartz’s benefits while a subtle vanilla fragrance promotes tranquility. The ideal complement to meditation, this candle stimulates positive energies, balances emotions, and removes cognitive blockages. 


Quartz is also a great cleansing stone and make this candle the perfect housewarming gift or farewell present for someone who is traveling.

Quartz Crystal Chakra Candle

  • Each Chakra Manifestation Candle has had its crystals cleansed by way of palo santo and a salt bath, and charged under two full moon cycles. 

    With their gently emanating scents, our candles are perfect for small rooms and will produce 15 hours of clean burn time.

    Not for human or animal consumption.

    Each candle tin is 4 oz.